Elite: Dangerous - Change Logs

Elite: Dangerous game-play, hints and tips (with a special members only trading route list)
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Elite: Dangerous - Change Logs

Post by KABLE » Fri Jan 09, 2015 9:18 am


All of the patch note in this topic are direct from Frontier and as such all credit is to Frontier for providing this information.
It is also suggested that Frontier be your first choice for patch note information, but you are also encouraged to use this forum for your convenience.

Update 1.04 Incoming
update 1.04 is incoming and everyone will be removed from the server at 2.30 pm GMT while we apply the update and make the new client available. Here is the change log for the update:

- If a station somehow loses it's parent then move it to another body so players at that station can load
- Prevent inconsistencies between client and server in which parts of a sector are and are not occupied
- Some fixes to meta-data that were being disguised by an issue with inconsistent generation
- When deciding if we should go hostile to a faction we just shot, consider whether the target has a local bounty rather than a bounty with their own faction. Prevent people being attacked by the police after attack nearby wanted targets
- Fix only the first consequence being applied to the universe state when completing a mission
- Set killer before we do ship death - fixes problem with players not getting bounties or reputation when they kill other players by breaking critical modules
- Reduce likelihood of server disconnects from stellar forge server queries
- Fix mouse control if galaxy map opened with key binding when in outfitting
- Updated exoplanets Kepler 438 b and 442 b
- Add produced by and consumbed by information to all trade goods (except rares)
- Telemetry added to try and figure out why some machines are failing to load resource files
- Remove the terraforming data for Pareco system causing an assert
- Fix packet loss statistics
- Use the correct absolute magnitude in bolometric luminosity calculations
- Various text fixes

There are some online changes as well which Andy will post in his update, but one change is worth mentioning here - there should be an improvement in matchmaking that should mean you are more likely to see other players if they are in the same region as you.

Edit: The downtime should be less than 30 minutes.
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Re: Elite: Dangerous - Change Logs

Post by KABLE » Thu Jan 15, 2015 10:28 pm

Update 1.05 is incoming
The servers will be closed at 11am GMT to apply the update and will be down for up to 30 minutes. Here is the change log for this update:

- Fixed crash when launching limpets
- Fixed some system meta data mismatches between client and server
- Memory use improvements and fixes on server
- Fix assert when someone manages to select 'declare bankruptcy' button before UI receives proper data from the game
- Optimise mission template list selection
- When switching servers do not disconnect during the transfer
- Added telemetry for when a player dies to help identify cause of death when players explode near stations
- Added further telemetry to trace failed resource loading
- Fix large quantity missions using "light cargo" text
- Fix salavage coms lines
- Correct reputation on abandon branch of pirate missions
- Fix incorrect destination for massacre branch money collection
- Fix salvage mission branching
- Change order of mission contracts in massacre missions
- Change data that is displayed to players in massacre missions

Server Updates:

- Fixed some issues that stopped some Commanders logging into the Companion App
- Stopped wars and civil wars in star systems with only 1 minor faction in that state
- Added ship discount to Founders World
- Various reliability and performance improvements


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Re: Elite: Dangerous - Change Logs

Post by KABLE » Thu Jan 29, 2015 8:20 am

Update 1.07 is incoming

We will remove everyone from the servers at 11am and should be live again within 30 minutes. Here are the changes for this update:

Client Changes:

- Crash fix for low end onboard graphics chipsets
- Block method for duplicating cargo
- Further death related telemetry
- Additional file telemetry for resource loading failure

Server Changes:

- the daily maintenance period is now weekly, the galaxy servers will be unavailable at 0700 UTC on Thursday mornings
- improve private groups and matchmaking at busier playing times
- fixed a rare cause of Commanders being unable to load into the game

Update size - @ 22MB


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Re: Elite: Dangerous - Change Logs

Post by Shadow » Wed Feb 04, 2015 12:16 pm

Update 1.1 beta
Hi everyone,
the first beta build for update 1.1 will be live at 6.30pm GMT, to download the client you need to grab the latest launcher (version: 0.4.2023.0) and then you download the beta client. It contains the following changes:


- Community Goals added
- Route planning extended to 1,000 ly
- Russian language translations added
- Add 'Discovered by' tag to system map - needs to be surfaced scanned
- Fancy new gas giant shader
- City lights on inhabited planets
- Pilots Federation rank decals
- Parallax shader for cloud layer on terrestrial planets
- Add explored system details on the right hand side of the cartographics shop
- Top benefactors support added to system map


- Prevent shadow manager trying to unregister view nodes that it never registered
- Fix a crash caused by systems with stations only orbiting non-habitable planets
- In the safety checking of the start location, make sure the body we are trying to load at exists, if it doesn't start around the largest star instead
- Prevent crash when generating star textures on low end hardware
- Prevent crash in the targetting system
- Fix possible crash entering capital ship scenarios
- Fix file load hardlock
- Fix potential crash in tutorials
- Fix a crash where limpet's parent exists but not fully created
- Don't crash when the AI looks up a ship state
- Fix crash selecting decal in livery
- Prevent softlock when a mission is progressing as a location transfer occurs


- French and German translations updated
- Fixed incorrect masses for C3 beam weapons
- Added in LOD levels for the holographic guide markers on the landing pads. This should fix the issues with the guides vanishing randomly since
there should always now be some mesh to render regardless of what LOD the parent hanger is set at
- Fix AI issues at high frame rates
- Ensure that bounty checks for correct faction
- Some optimisations for performance is busy network conditions
- Correctly scale companion stars with large in system map if they are children of a common centre of gravity
- Optimise route planner
- Skybox stars now know if they're in/behind a nebula and fade out accordingly
- When an NPC kills the player, report any claimed bounties to the webserver so they can be cleared; clear relevant bounties on client
- Fixes for some issues with docking computer:
- Slow down when on final part of descent to pad, to avoid damage; if station is rotating the chosen speed has to be greater than the rotational
velocity at the pad
- Fix some issues on outposts with the chosen point above the pad being inside or too close to the bounding volume of the outpost
- Allow NPCs to travel faster in the first stage of moving to an outpost
- Ensure NPCs ignore outposts as obstacles when in final descent
- Fixes to stop awkward ships like the Python from hovering over the pad while docking, because they aren't trying to get close enough
- Improvements to getting NPCs to leave a crowded station when player is denied docking permission
- Fix issues where 3D anaconda and Orca ship schematics clip parts of the UI
- Prevent GUI colour rotation from affecting the galaxy map
- Expanded news-item text can now scroll
- Rebalanced shield strengths at different pip levels to make those levels useful
- Fixed a random number 9 floating near Natural Fabrics commodity at Dobrovolski Station CM
- Remove sparkles on asteroids when rendering to Oculus Rift, as they have been found uncomfortable for Rift users
- Fix for movies not being rendered with the appropriate size when side-by-side rendering is enabled
- Added a chevron to the landing pad schematics to help indicate the direction that a player's ship should be facing when docking
- Rebalanced shield cells to take more power, have less ammo and cost more per unit than before
- Lowered the ammo count and increased the cost per unit for Chaff Launcher
- Added chevrons to pad schematics to indicate direction player should face when landing
- Increased Federal capital ship heat relay health
- As neutron stars have their radii saved in km, not Suns, use the black hole size method for them in the galaxy map
- Added missing mass lock components to ships that needed it - such as the Imperial Clipper
- Remove term 'medium' from Type 7 description to prevent players thinking it will land on a medium pad
- Fixing some areas of the Coriolis' collision mesh including those which were causing some aiming issues with the station's defences
- Correct consumed by string for Marine Equipment
- Put exoplanets Kepler 438 b and 442 b into the correct star systems
- Art and collision fixes for criminal outposts
- Fix for the asteroids on the radar spinning too quickly
- Tweaks to Prism system economy and faction
- Fix for the mass-lock sphere visualisation not fading off when outside of the radar bounds
- Art and collision fixes for commercial outposts
- AI ships seem to sometimes be orienting incorrectly fixed
- Tweaked flight model for Orca
- Fix for number of steps in the orbit lines
- NPCs shouldn't be able to use FSD with hardpoints deployed
- Art and collision fixes for science outposts
- Fixes for Galaxy Map searches:
- Fixed it only accepting a lowercase character for 1 part of the search.
- Also fixed it setting the final number in a name to 0
- Fix the case of missing black hole effects when three are in a system and forces background stars to render when the visible distortion is very high
- Fix the texture values on the mining laser heatsinks so that they don't colour pop when deploying
- Fix the rare background brightness curve popping between low luminosity stars.
- Add a 'planning route' graphic to cover the loading of the plot
- Make sure that an AI follows a player into their session after an interdiction
- Removed stray particle effect from beam laser muzzle - was never supposed to be there!
- Realigned lens flares that were not in the right places on weapon muzzles
- Weapon impacts improved
- Weapon impacts on player improved- Explosion glitches fixed
- Allowed supplemental devices to be used. They count as PCPads (for example independent throttles, custom control panels)
- Fixes to Ammunition (cannon trails and empire laser bolt light inner range)
- Toggle focus mode never reaches right panel fixed
- Fixed incorrect size limits on the sensors of the Imperial Clipper
- Lowered speed, manoeuvrability and shield strength on Python
- When rendering planets set a shader parameter for the planet's radius. This allows shaders to produce consistent results when rendering in miniature
form in the system map
- Fix Terrestrial_Volcanic planets not showing their schematic
- Atmosphere shader optimisations
- Removed stray muzzle particle effects from pulse lasers
- Changes for various backer names stations
- Added Supersampling menu options
- Removed collisions from station doors to fix an issue of some ships crashing while docking
- Drive lens flares should now stay within sane brightness values
- Fix for the galaxy map not responding to changing options
- Add the Repairable component to several modules that otherwise couldn't be repaired by AFM modules. Discovery scanners, Detail scanners and
Thrusters are all now repairable in the field
- Fix some missing system descriptions
- Collision damage update:
- Damage is now calculated at both ends and each apply half, it should no longer be possible for one party to miraculously escape undamaged from
a collision
- Changed the mass/velocity to damage calculation, it should now be more consistent and harder to damage large ships with small ones, even at
high speed
- Store whether the system map was entered from galaxy map or cockpit, and invoke appropriate transition out back to the previous state
- Notice when route finder fails to find a route and replace the progress spinner with unavailable route text
- When generating scenarios that lie outside the containment area of their body, update the address to be relative to the correct parent (the same one ships will use if they drop into those scenarios). Most noticable when unable to stay in nav beacon scenarios near a close binary pair of stars
- Implement sort by Mass, Power Draw and Name for outfitting items
- Star temperature used for driving colours clamped to sensible range based on Harvard and Yerkes classification
- Interdiction can be a Crime
- Extended the hitcheck out to included the Fed Fighter's engines
- Extended the hitcheck out to include the Federal capital ship's main engines
- Shadow fixes for various ships
- Headlights balanced. Now slightly more useful in an asteroid field. Larger ships with larger lights have stronger beams
- NPC chatter line added when police interdict a player
- Don't just consider combat rank when determining AI rank
- Stop AI miners from mining empty space
- Fix 'nearby bounty' so it include local minor factions
- Dumbfire missiles can now be shot down by PD weapons
- Allow axis input to control scanner zoom level
- Have different combat bond values for each ship type
- Performance improvement for galaxy map after route has been generated
- Put Cygni X-1 Black hole in the right location
- Improved light behaviour on station exterior
- Eagle art fixes
- Automated turret fire shouldn’t aggro non-hostile ships
- Make AI use turrets correctly, and ignore the default
- Fix the barrels on guns spanning back to the identity position when they stop spinning
- When the player accidentally hits an AI ship damage is accumulated. If a threshold is exceeded (by multiple hits or a powerful weapon like a rail-run), the ship turns hostile. The AI ship will "forget" the damage before it turns hostile:
1) if the AI ship recharges its shield to 100%.
2) if a (currently 30 sec) timer runs out.
- Make the system apply to stations as well.
- Large lateral thrusters now have settings consistent with small and medium thrusters. Balanced lighting and fade in/out durations
- Federal Fighter art fixes
- If a ship is scanned by the police and they discover that it has a bounty, don't turn the station hostile, just get the police to attack
- It's possible that players could get docking offences stuck on even when they were no longer causing offence now fixed
- When AI ships are starting docked don't do the hyperspace-in effect
- Fixed the incorrect engine stats so they give the appropriate benefit
- When a large planet is converted into a star, clamp the spin speed so that it cant spin too fast as planets and stars follow different rules
- Fix generated system name mismatch that was causing missions to fail
- Use localised faction names in the galaxy map
- Station menu now shows the local major faction rather than the system major faction
- Fix for star lens flares appearing through planets
- Fix floating station names and text on station surfaces
- Sort the commodity screen trade data drop-down menu alphabetically
- Decreased damage modifier from for missile weapons against shields
- Lowered hardness piercing stat on explosive missiles to make them less effective against larger ships
- Prevent cargo duplication
- Allowing gravitational distortion effects around white dwarves and neutron stars
- Fixed light range on the class2_B retro drives so that it doesn't light up the Adder cockpit, also moved the lens flare offset so it's actually visible
- Tweak Python collision to make cargo scooping a bit easier
- Decal colouration fix for the Viper's Mercenary paintjob
- Fix some artifacts when close to the surface as the position of the vertices changes with different levels of tessellation
- Heat generated from weapons fire is now increased based on how empty the weapon cooling system is
- Shield cells generate heat while charging
- Abort the docking process if the station becomes hostile during it
- Clear boost state when docked
- Don't scan if the advanced scanner module is disabled
- Landing pad numbers now consistently numbered front-to-back then clockwise in stations (in other words, bones 0 and 12 swapped over, so that pads 1 and 13 are now in their correct places). Also checked Outposts and fixed pad numbers there too, so that the medium pad is always the highest pad number
- Balancing pass on Plasma Point Defence
- Balancing pass on dumbfire weapons
- Rebalanced heat gain in certain weapons (Beam laser, Missile Rack, ECM, Chaff, Plasma Accelerator, Pulse Laser)
- Supercruise lens flares now smaller when close to them
- More detail and softer/more subtle sun rays in star lens flare
- Fix the landing gear disappearing when retracted on the Eagle, which leaves a hole in the ship
- Rebalanced boost heat amounts as they were all set to 10 when that was only appropriate for the sidewinder
- Add starport to BU 741
- Increased ammo for the top range shield cell banks slightly
- New improved torpedo explosion effect
- "Seeking Luxuries" Rarer in boom states
- Improve AI behaviour if they get trapped in station structures
- Turreted weapons Set to Target Only will no longer fail to fire if you aim at a subsystem
- Point defense turrets can no longer cause aggro or commit crimes on your behalf
- Turrets will now check if their line of sight is blocked before firing, should drastically reduce accidentaly hits
- Turret weapons set to Target Only will now obey the correct range limit and not waste ammo when out of range
- Added in interdiction chatter lines
- Federal Dropship art fixes
- Turn on the aim-blocked checking for all weapons set in a Fire at Will or Target only mode
- Up the rate of damage the python receives from overheating
- Increase the timer before dishing out a bounty for trepassing in a station to 90 seconds from 30. People in big heavy ships should be able to avoid being killed for that mistake
- Refraction particles now only visible when FX quality setting is set to high
- Spark and most debris particles now disabled in low FX quality setting.
- Added star class filter to the galaxy map
- Prevent infinite stream of pirates in extraction zones
- Set up Distance Based Lodding for explosions
- Added a new "ultra" shadow quality, a replacement "medium" with one extra cascade, and replaced the existing "low" with the old "medium"
- "California Sector IR-W D1-26" no longer requires non-existent permits to visit
- Increase player arrival distance in capital ship scenarios
- Fix when you had confirmation window that your group had been created where was no focus on it
- Fix when you attempted to disband your group but chosen "cancel" in confirmation window for this action you'd have disband button still greyed out
- Attacking ships wanted by the local jurisdiction doesn't necessarily incur the rep hit
- Fix where the message log would say you've claimed a ship's local bounty when you didn't because you haven't basic-scanned it
- Ice planets optimised and improved visually
- Tweaks for hanger cameras for various ships
- Pending states in the system status panel dissapear after viewing and then viewing a faction that does not have a pending state fixed
- Players cannot press "B" on an xbox pad to exit the commodities market while the "galactic average" tab is highlighted fixed
- Exiting game during combat has an infinite spinning 0 timer icon at the end of the countdown fixed
- Tweaks to reduce stuttering around planets caused by surface texture generation
- Optimisations for particle effect management
- Reduced the glow scale on the medium thrusters so they don't clip through the ships
- Added some extra logging to track down voice comms issues
- When you target a sub-target of a ship, the sub-target GUI displays incorrectly
- Show stored ships in the correct locations
- Rename the duplicate 12 Aquarii system to Bentonio
- Adjusted shadow max frustum distances up a little so that high/ultra settings manage to encompass station during drop from supercruise
- All ships now rebalanced to work with new gui lighting set up. Emergency lights and chair lighting have been standardised across ships
- The UI focus mode toggle button closes the chat pane if you wait a few seconds when it is selected fixed
- Make low influence minor factions able to generate missions at a comparable rate to influential minor factions
- Atmosphere colour and intensity tweaked for gas giants and reduced saturation of neon atmospheres
- Fix a mistake in the English version of the description for type II gas giants, it had been replaced by the description for type III gas giants
- Fixed searching for stations, it now correctly cycles between all systems that contain a station with that name
- Also fixed searching using generated system names so that it only matches systems that have that name, rather than also matching to authored systems
- Reputation in the mission summary screen now includes the contribution from the major faction
- Restored missing Founders World permits from some Commanders who have reached the rank of Elite in Combat, Trading or Exploration
- Fix a bug stopping newly created Commanders' names from appearing in the Comms Panel during the first few minutes of their career


- Under construction station has dedicated ambience and spot sound effects.
- Renamed dynamic range modes and further tweaked the volume curves, please keep providing us with feedback as we’re still working on improving these.
- Added a new BOOST dynamic range mode that is intended to offer a good compromise between industry standard reference volume (normal) and louder mixed games.
- Centre channel is now used for some positional audio such as other ships, cockpit blowout, GUI etc.
- Improved audio on Docking Bay Lifts and panels.
- New music added to Exploration.
- “Power Plant Capacity exceeded” - voice and sfx warnings added.
- Support for muting "Engage" ship voice alert.
- New audio for the “First to Discover” notification.
- Landing gear audio re-implemented: now matches each ships’ deploy and stow animation.

- Additional audio for when entering Supercruise/Hyperspace.
- Supercruise engines and music now interact much nicer.
- Improved feedback of engine/masslock in supercruise.
- Brought back the hyperspace tunnel flybys and detail sounds, with new implementation. Previously removed to fix render issues.
- Balanced boost stress noises.
- Cockpit blowout sequence remixed to fix clipping.
- Mixpass on docking sequence audio.
- Remixed force field audio for when using larger ships or flying at lower speed, to fix clipping issues.
- Mixpass on hardpoint stow and deploy animations.
- Increased volume of cargo bay door opening, when launching drones.
- Added more debris and shockwave content to Explosions.
- Reduced fire-rate of the small multicannon to differentiate it from the medium one.
- BeamLaser/PulseLaser on others will change according to energy capacity. Helps in identifying an opponent’s remaining power on weapons.
- Unified volumes and fixed issues on Asp, Cobra, Orca, Empire Clipper, Python, Anaconda, Type6, Type 7 and Type 9.
- Arrival music should be more audible now.
- Mixpass on gui for consistent behaviour across various game areas.
- Mixpass on the Station Menu ambiences.
- Sounds for adding a Sensor or FSD Interdictor in outfitting.
- Sell sound added to outfitting.
- Station menu is positional now to follow head tracking movement.
- Mixpass on Galaxy/System Map for consistent volume and effects.
- Collision and Navigational warnings now better respond to distance and speed and will be more audible in dangerous situations.
- Mixpass on cargo scoop gui.
- More variation added when selling items in Stellar Cartography.
- Galaxymap crossing of the grid is slightly more audible.
- Galaxy and system map musical elements in ambiences are now controlled by music slider and sfx elements by sfx slider.

- Fixed many performance and mixing issues.
- Fixed bug that would cut off Exploration music prematurely.
- Fixed clicks in Python assets.
- Fixed an issue with reverbs in the stations.
- Fixed a bug that would spam physics audio on friction, causing drop outs.
- Fixed clicking in the multicannon.
- Fixed clicking in the beam laser.
- Fixed bug in system map on out-of-focus state always playing Jovian Gasgiant ambience.
- Fixed in game music playing during the menus instead of menu music in some situations.
- Fixed medium turreted beam lasers from not stopping correctly.
- Fixed a bug that would double fade the stellar ambiences.
- Fixed several ship voice related bugs.
- Fixed missing Jovian Planet Ambiences in system map.
- Fixed hard-panning of Python engines when wearing headphones.


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Re: Elite: Dangerous - Change Logs

Post by KABLE » Thu Feb 12, 2015 7:59 am

Update 1.1.02 is incoming
Hi everyone,

update 1.1.02 is incoming at 4pm GMT. The servers will be down for up to 30 minutes during the update. The following changes are in the update:

Client changes:
- Collision damage tweak - Restore the check that prevented multiple lumps of damage from the same collision. Also make the damage split based on mass slightly more exaggerated
- Stop point defence turrets from targetting their parent ship's missiles/mines
- Fix issue with multiple controllers enabled and not recognising them all
- Fix matchmaking issue for comms when UDP hole punching fails
- Fix disconnect issue when a resend message is lost (fails and retries getting out of sync)
- Remove some unneeded telemetry in supercruise - it was causing some stutters

Server changes:
- Commanders with at least one Elite rank should receive a 2.5% discount at all shipyards and outfitting shops
- Backers who backed at the Founder level or above should receive a 2.5% discount at all shipyards and outfitting shops
- Faction recovery time from Civil War has been significantly reduced

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Re: Elite: Dangerous - Change Logs

Post by KABLE » Fri Feb 13, 2015 8:42 am

Update 1.1.03

EDIT - added Server side changes

EDIT 2 - we're looking at running another process tomorrow to double check that everybody who should have had their credits restored definitely has. Please make sure you've submitted a ticket - thanks for your continued feedback.

Hi everyone,

Thanks to your continued feedback, update 1.1.03 is scheduled for deployment at 4PM GMT today. The servers should be down for a short while (maximum of 30 minutes) to allow us to implement the changes. See the list of changes below:

- Don’t crash if an invalid system token is accessed in cartographics store
- Prevent crash if scanning and ship dies
- Fix crash opening station services menu with invalid parameter
- Fix case of station flipping and possibly causing mysterious player deaths near station entrance
- Commanders completing a major faction rank-up mission who have already earned enough skill to reach another rank-up mission can now see that mission immediately, rather than having to complete a regular mission in between the rank-up missions
- Fix ampersand appearing incorrectly in mission dialog panel
- Better layout for when community goal tiers are close together in mission dialog
- Fix missing lift audio
- Fix bass in supercruise issue
- Fix repeating docking computer alert audio
- Fix very quiet landing gear audio
- Fix exploration music cutting out unexpectedly and playing a new piece of music immediately after
- Update NPC database
- Various text fixes

UPDATE: Server Side changes

- Commanders entitled to an outfitting discount should no longer be affected by the '401' error when purchasing certain modules
- Commanders flying in ships that require a large docking pad and who logged out at a starport that changed into an outpost in the 1.1 update should be automatically unstuck when they next log into the game
- Commanders with missions affected by a space station name change should find that they've been neutrally cancelled, no penalties should be issued, cargo marked as haulage should be unflagged

For Commanders affected by the issue affecting collision damage between version 1.1 and 1.1.02, we've restored credits lost to:


Commanders who spent money on any repairs between 3pm on 10th Feb and 4pm on 11th Feb had the credits restored to their balances by 6.15pm on 11th Feb.

Ships lost and not yet claimed on insurance

Commanders who had their ships destroyed but were patiently waiting on the insurance screen should have been automatically restored to their previous ship's state by 6pm on 11th Feb. Unfortunately we were not able to rescue the contents of those cargo holds.

Ship loss due to collision damage between 3pm on 10th Feb and 4pm on 11th Feb

Commanders who lost their ships to collision damage and claimed using the insurance process have had credits restored to their balances by 12.15pm on 12th Feb to cover losses for:
- credits spent on insurance payments
- the replacement cost for ship modules or cargo not replaced by the insurance payment

For the small number of Commanders who lost ships that were not a free SideWinder to collision damage during that time, and chose the Free Sidewinder option, credits have been restored to their balances by 1.15pm 12th Feb to cover:
- the approximate replacement cost for the ship hull, modules and any cargo lost

EDIT 2 -

We're looking at running another process tomorrow to double check that everybody who should have had their credits restored definitely has. Please make sure you've submitted a ticket - thanks for your continued feedback.

Thanks again!
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Re: Elite: Dangerous - Change Logs

Post by KABLE » Sat Feb 14, 2015 4:50 pm

Update 1.1.04

Hello there, folks!

1.1.04 has gone live - the servers are up and running.

Client changes:

Bounty vouchers can be redeemed at any starport in a system that also contains the faction which issued the bounty.

Some Commanders are in systems that cannot currently be retrieved from the server database, which has been causing crashes when loading into the game. We're working to identify and repair the systems affected, which includes a change to automatically report the problem system and exit back to the main menu with a load failure message.

Audio for the Imperial Clipper more closely resembles the sound from the 1.07 release.

Improved localisation support for community goals (we're still working through some issues with Russian language support).

Fixed the 3rd decal not displaying properly on the Python.

Fixed a very rare crash triggered by limpets being destroyed.

Server changes

Added more checks for starsystems reported to crash the game. This interim measure will automatically attempt to restore access to that starsystem within 10 minutes of the crash being reported.

Improved logging for some rare failures when selling exploration data.
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Re: Elite: Dangerous - Change Logs

Post by XMadMarkX » Fri Feb 20, 2015 3:15 am

Update 1.1.05 incoming

The servers will be going down at 4PM GMT today (19.02.15) for a short amount of time, to allow us to update to 1.1.05. Thanks everyone for all your feedback on the latest build. See the full change log below:

- Fix crash with ring values being incorrect
- New partially constructed station added to New Yembo
- Added Goldrush station to LAWD 26
- Increase comms timeout to allow for slower connections
- Added talk channel logging to help identify issues with people not being able to chat
- Additional network key tests to help identify mismatched keys (connection failing)
- Station defences beefed up and not confused by chaff
- Changed system name ‘Bodb Djedi’ to ‘Bodedi’
- Update to friendly fire values. An increase across the board it's now possible, for example, to hit a non-targeted ship with multiple (up to 3) double small pulse laser hits before it turns aggressive
- Fix incorrect French number format
- Fix missing Russian characters
- You can no longer destroy ships by taking out their docking computer

Server-side changes:

- Fix issue that was not always issuing fines when ships were scanned whilst carrying prohibited cargo
- Ships that were stored in Starports that changed into Outposts at 1.1 have been moved to the closest Starport with a shipyard
- Fix a rare issue that was not always granting first discovery credit to every stellar body when selling exploration data for certain types of star system
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Re: Elite: Dangerous - Change Logs

Post by XMadMarkX » Mon Apr 13, 2015 2:50 pm

Update 1.1.06 Incoming
Update 1.1.06 Incoming - 15.30 GMT

Hi everyone,

update 1.1.06 is incoming at 15.30 GMT and the servers will be down for up to 30 minutes. The update contains the following changes:

- Don't crash if player dies as they enter hyperspace
- Don't allow landing gear to destroy a player ship when deployed
- Use the correct jurisdiction for determining fine for illegal goods
- Fix network issue with text channel being shut down prematurely
- Adjusted terraforming meta data on three systems to stop server errors
- Story and text updates


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Re: Elite: Dangerous - Change Logs

Post by XMadMarkX » Mon Apr 13, 2015 2:52 pm

The biggest patch to date Wings is here.
Hi everyone,

The Wings content update (Elite: Dangerous 1.2) will be available for download shortly. The Galaxy servers will be down from 3PM GMT for approximately 3 hours to let us apply the update. Thanks again to everyone who took part in the beta test.

EDIT: The servers are taking longer than expected to update so we expected to be up at 6pm GMT.

Download size is 3.67GB

Here's the change log in full... Some good reading for the two hours where the servers are down:

New Content/Features:

- Wings functionality added
- Added playable ship:Fer-de-Lance
- Added playable ship: Vulture
- Comms interface overhaul
- Added AI Groups
- Added ability to reboot destroyed sub systems (modules)
- Flyable debug camera with limited range added (CTRL+ALT+SPACE)

Stability Fixes:

- Fix issue in low level animation code
- Prevent crash trying to get kinematic outputs from non live ships when spawning limpet debris
- Prevent crash when shadow lights are being shut down
- Fix crash in beam weapons
- Fix a crash when trying to create asteroids in transition locations
- Prevent crash on Anaconda creation with damage regions not correctly initialised
- Fix for asteroid ring soft-lock
- Fix for unreleased dynamic material set on shutdown
- Crash dereferencing an invalid interface on shutdown fixed
- Fix for crash on entering WOLFPACK TACTICS and SUPPLY STRIKE tutorials
- Prevent crash when there is a null surface for a planet
- Fix for game crashing whenever we mouse-over an AFM in outfitting

Tweaks & Fixes:

- Don't create ambient AIs unless there's a player in range to see them
- Added some depth and detail to the engine throats on the station engine module
- Asteroid CPU improvements. Removed unused aabb and its update
- Fix schematic for High Metal Content No Atmosphere planets
- Adjusted the draw distance slightly on the text for station external names so that they don't switch on/off as abruptly
- Make sure that the local polity is updated if a player slow boats between jurisdictions
- Increase distance the system map camera can be zoomed out
- Two new headlook controls added: a sensitivity slider and a "don't centre when I turn headlook off" option
- Brought back fuel usage gauge
- When a large ship tries to dock at a station with no large enough pads, tell the player why they're refused
- Fixed fuel scoop and gauges panel heat level to be in sync
- Fixed: Letters cut off on the right hand side panel under statistics
- Optimise cargo replication
- Better checks for limpets against shield states
- Fix for looping ammo bar if it's initialised to 50%
- Fix decals on Python
- Show docked players on sensors
- When players try to move their ship and the engines are off (/broken/etc) give a warning message
- Fix for AI not scooping up mined chunks if they'd previously been in combat and their combat target was still set
- Interdiction can no longer spam fines if the thing you're interdicting isn't in a state to be interdicted (hyperspacing out for example)
- Galactic map jump data cargo mass slider - uses fractional cargo tonnage fixed
- If you have no cargo racks, you are able to cause your galaxy map jump range to become -1.0 fooling the route planner fixed
- Remove a spurious "Is Critical" flag from docking computer modules, you can no longer kill a ship by tickling one with a laser
- Fix decals from popping when in outfitting menu
- Added new light cone renderer
- Fix paintjobs to apply to cockpit model making them visible from inside the player ship
- Fix for distant rocks being missing from some metallic rings
- The Hull indicators for the French language cockpit is out of alignment compared to other languages fixed
- The characters used for localised 'units' in Russian were missing in our numeral font fixed
- Updated icons for station to be used in SuperCruise
- Self destruct now has a timer, during which your ship will overheat violently and have no power
- Fix FSDInterictor being a critical module
- FrameShiftDrive no longer a critical module as rebooting can repair it
- Turning a powering module off now correctly causes it to produce no power
- Fix non-localised strings in the cartographics window
- Fix the Python HitLayout for modules
- New community Goals Reward tier GUI bar is displaying incorrectly fixed
- Fix the issue of chatter not being called during the abandon branch of collect illegal slave missions
- Add a special text string for stars which are less than 1 million years old, rather than displaying '0 million years'
- Repeating SFX when long distance route planner failed fixed
- Scrolling a in community goal in the transactions tab generates excessive GUI sounds fixed
- Lowered the military interdiction a tiny amount to be the same as the police archetype
- Hide credits balance on galaxy map until we know what the value is
- Fix for the 'hazy' lighting bug in the adder cockpit
- Fix issue with ending interdiction (when immediately being re-interdicted) without enemy
- Reduce amount of system requests for the Cartography store
- Report when a player has not found any bodies in a discovery ping
- Added comms chat lines for transport and VIP scenarios
- Make sure AI pilots maintain their skill levels when their authority is transferred
- Fixed vouchers being styled as community missions in the transactions panel (they were white, when they should have been orange)
- Balance pass on extraction sites, better variety and increased respawn delay
- Tweaks to the nav and target highlights to makes them less pronounced then the nav and target selections
- Balance pass on repair costs
- Tweaked the overheating HUD animations to look less naffy
- HUD Ring weapon indicators will now use an ellipsis character to indicate that a label is being truncated
- Check if player has bought a paintjob while in outfitting and refresh list if needed
- Add mass to point defense turrets
- Changed location schematics to grey/white. Updated the supercruise sensor object target colour to match
- If the player is not wanted, but is carrying illegal cargo we should show the player in the local legal status area of the cockpit GUI
- Fix for planet ring sorting in system map
- Avoid mapping rocky ice worlds as water worlds
- If the collecting the cargo that we have targeted is illegal, say so in the target panel in the cockpit
- Strip out the odd blue colouring of the minor proximity colour on supercruise radar. Colours are now Orange by default, red for danger-close, blue for targeted
- Update to the repair discount based on faction reputation: Now only kicks in at 80% (allied) reputation, Reduced from 40%(ish) to 10%
- Let the player get much closer to the event horizon of a black hole
- Modify the strength multiplier of the black hole effects
- Various text fixes
- Removed the trailing particles from the chaff launcher and optimised FX
- Add system state modifiers to AI ambient traffic generation
- AI capital ships: don't spawn all fighters in response to first threat
- Make sure the cockpit spark effects trigger from module heat damage even when at 100% hull
- Fix the data in the alpha centauri system
- Added some warnings for consequences when changing modules (For example jump range has been massively reduced)
- Increased visibility of lines rendered in Galaxy map - in particular the orange plotted route
- Fixed some missing polys on the undersides of cranes
- Fixed offset mining laser beam
- Show the player a warning if they are changing power distributor and that power distributor does not have an engines capacitor large enough to facilitate boosting
- Fixed 'Activate cargo scanner' message remaining after you've successfully cargo scanned a ship
- Fixed supersampling issues with schematics
- Fixed hardpoint doors on the Python - these now open independently for Outfitting
- Fix incorrect allocation of influence from assasination mission
- Fix some odd NPC behaviour in stations
- Sidewinder seen grinding sideways into an outpost docking pad fixed
- AI should use lasers and projectiles based on target status, not range
- Don't lose the next system in a planned route when not arriving from hyperspace and the jump distance is over 20Ly. Next route destination wiull be reselected on each cruise transition unless the player already has a startup target
- Add a keybinding to select the next route destination
- Fix metal rich and high metal content planet descriptions
- Rename some backer stars and stations
- Added missing string for oxygen atmosphere type
- Fix i'm-inside-a-station schematic not updating colour
- The target name text on the cockpit target panel was getting cut-off in a couple of instances. The textfield now has a second line available
- Typo in the Cemiess system in the galaxy map fixed
- Update to AI ambient traffic, to increase wing chances and make Anarchies more dangerous
- Change WCM Transfer Orbital to Leonard Nimoy Station
- Fix Pantaa prayer sticks description
- Fix formatting in Silver description
- Changed minor faction name to Movement for V1688 Aquilae Independence
- Adjust station orbit for Stone's Legacy so you don't have to chase it to dock
- Fixed a flickering icon can be seen over your target when locking destinations
- Better catching of broken low level network messages
- Flat rate for fines now that cargo marking is in
- Balanced Type 7 schematic texture to make it not so bright
- Reworded text channel options header to be clearer
- Python now has comms panel focus for chat
- Fixed the heatsink material on the large pulse laser to glow, as they were using the incorrect shader type before
- Ensured the empire capital ship's weapons are unaffected by chaff
- Fix ship repair reporting mismatches
- Balance pass on ship repair values
- Fix that stops the small gimballed beam laser from tracking extremely lazily
- Add 'arrival point' line to station pop-up on system map, giving distance (in light-seconds) from the largest star in the system
- Fix slavery missions to have correct text and function correctly
- Fix broken federal assassination mission
- Added icons for 'point defence turret' and 'mining laser'
- Fix influence rewards on some collect missions
- Fix issue where kills against orcas in assassination missions were not counting
- Fix problem of being unable to sell some stolen goods on the black market
- Stop gimbals and other weapons paying any attention to turret mode settings, it causes bad things
- Add friend/wing location markers to System/Galaxy map
- Added friend, wing, mission and stored ship icons to the galaxy map
- Remove limit on number of factions shown on mission summary panel
- Add missing backer station
- Fixed flickering icon can be seen over your target when locking destinations
- Fixed large weapon gimbals being orientated backwards, causing guns to fire offset to their orientation
- Adjusted tri-mesh hitcheck to give more clearance so that the small RailGun can now fire when fitted to a Type6
- Fix NPCs created by following wakes/interdictions not replicating their bounties
- Adding valuable salvage convoys to three permitted systems: LFT 509, Isinor, Witch's Reach
- Fix system schematic showing briefly after collecting cargo
- Fix for incorrect text string on slave missions

Audio Change Log


- Fer De Lance Audio.
- Vulture Audio
- Sounds for "masslock", "safe to disengage" and "slowdown" GUI alerts.
- Audio added for "FSD Cool-down" GUI animation.
- Audio for reboot-sequence.
- New heat indicator audio warnings.
- Specific new impact sounds for Cannons, Railguns and PlasmaAccelerator impacts.
- New Ship voice lines for enabling/disabling thrusters, self destruct and ship reboot.
- Upgraded audio engine (Wwise) to the latest version.

Fixes and changes:

- We have spend a lot of our time on performance related fixes and updates for this patch. Thank you commanders for helping us find them and we're still hunting so please keep the feedback coming!
- Added a missing sound to scanners.
- Fixed some missing audio in the station gui.
- Fixed a positional bug that reduced the volume on the docking clamp.
- Rebuilt the station force-field audio from the ground up to minimise the wild inconsistencies caused by speed and ship differences. This also helps with clipping on some set ups.
- Finished transitioning the Docking Bay lifts to the new animation system, which should bring back some of the missing low end layers experienced in 1.1.
- Update to station voice attenuation and reverb which fixes station voice being inaudible at some docking bays. Rebalanced the dry announcer voice and distant echoes so the station feels larger.
- Addressed rogue low frequency drones from the station reverb that was causing clipping sub-bass tones when lots of activity is present.
- Adjusted the reverb/volume balance of super-cruise engines and music, to reduce the sense that music or engines drop out entirely in favour of the other. Some emphasis remains to keep the mix clean.
- D-scanner no longer mutes all audio when used. Instead it dips the volume of other sounds gently and un-dips quicker after use.
- Switching lights on or off sounds less mechanical.
- Supercruise from hyperspace music take lead over fuel scooping ambiences & engine sound.
- Fuel scoop mix improvements.
- Removed high end noise and some (not all) low end tube like distortion from menu's.
- Addressed low end noises in the system map.
- Made voice-comms more intelligible. Lessening of the distortion, and the way the players voice ducks incoming voices.
- Voice-comms volume slider in audio options uses a different curve to be more responsive at lower settings.
- Multi-cannon reloads are more audible.


- Numerous optimisations to audio systems, to reduce numbers of audio emitters and voice count, especially in busy scenes. Should improve audio engine performance without diminishing quality.
- Optimisations pass for all types of space station modules, Capital Ships, Outpost modules, landing pads, debris, fuel scoop, supercruise, alarms, heat, weapons, ships and frost.

Beta 2 Change Log:

- Fix crash when getting missions for multiple systems
- Fix crash in AI while in supercruise
- Don't crash when pressing CTRL+ALT+0
- Orca can now correct have decals applied to it
- Fixed the decal issues on the Fer-de-Lance and the hanger cameras
- Wing trade vouchers are now awarded to wing members docked at the same station.
- Fuel scooping heat bar now correctly matches primary heat bar
- Station import and export data in the system view should now be more accurate
- Fix a disconnection issue when reconnecting to the same server
- Fix missing cockpit geometry for the Federation Dropship
- Added the basic discovery scanner to the default loadout of the Fer-de-Lance
- Fixed some weapons not firing on Fer-de-Lance large hardpoint
- Stop unwanted behaviour where beacon wakes automatically and get targeted when they spawn
- Fix Fer-de-Lance chair lighting
- Fix system schematic showing briefly after collecting cargo
- Fix issue with some module types not being listed in the internal panel
- Delay Vulture landing gear animation
- Audio: Optimizing virtualisation distances for audio emitters on 'other' ships
- Fixed 3 cases where incorrect icons were being used on missions
- Reduced the interdiction chance for pirates/Bounty Hunters when in uninhabited systems
- Add an upper limit of 100 missions to prevent slow loading of mission panel
- Increase Fer-de-Lance mass lock effect
- Debug camera now works on OR
- Can now see what docking pad you're supposed to go to in Russian
- Added a new option (to the control scheme) which determines whether or not the text input field is autofocused
- Show the "In Wing (n/m)" GUI for AI wings as well as player wings
- Only count live AI ships in wings count for GUI
- Stop ships bouncing when near each other
- Fix physics issue with submunitions
- Added a delay to the exploration data sell UI so that it only fetches the details for a given starsystem after the user has expressed interest in seeing it

Beta 3 Change Log:

- Prevent crash if an inviter of a wing leaves as the invite is accepted
- Fix scaleform crash
- Fix crash in audio system on talk channel
- Set the Vulture and Fer-de-Lance cockpit damage capacity to something more suitable for each ship
- More sensible values for wear and tear costs
- Latest batch of translations added (French, German and Russian)
- Fixed having a detailed surface scanner stopping you being able to scan and drop out at asteroid clusters
- Players dropping and returning from wing sessions no longer kicks them from a wing
- Fix date wasn't always shown on the commodities page
- Made Landing Gear Doors close a bit faster on Vulture
- Vulture cockpit cutoff at high resolution fixed
- Fix light cones shifting position when in stereoscopic modes
- Remove invites from players that leave wings and clear the invite list of a player that leaves a wing
- Prevent debug camera so it's precluded from getting to close to other ships as well as the players
- Stop shield impact gui elements showing up through ship when in debug camera
- Updated pirate lord loadout to make it less turret-y, this should allow more aggro consistency
- Add "wing man ship destroyed" icon
- Fix a control scheme confusion - "Target next system in Route" keybinding is now available in supercruise as intended
- Fix broken backer NPC name
- Added pirate chat tables to strong scenarios to give player warning of impending death
- Removed crime customisation from pirate group member files so that wing men give correct bounties
- Increased bounties for strong signal source targets that were too low
- Fix hanger camera placement for large hard point on Fer-de-Lance
- Debug camera is now available when docked
- Using the debug camera when the docking computer active no longer results in a softlock (though the camera is still not flyable for technical reasons)
- Debug camera toggle is now a bindable control, default is Ctrl Alt Space though people with custom bindings will need to set it. Check under Controls -> Miscellaneous -> Debug Camera Toggle
- Integrate the interdiction status icon for wingmen
- Show which wingman I have targeted
- Updates to contacts panel to bring wing colours/feedback inline with comms
- Fixed the target module health update on wings GUI
- made the in-line text commands (/r, /t, etc.) a little more forgiving, so now you can switch channels by hitting enter to complete the input (in addition to pressing space and continuing to type)
- Audio: updated dynamic range volume offsets to fix audio clipping in night time mode on cap ship jumps, explosions, landing pads
- Audio: updated microphone gate settings on voice comms to improve drop outs
- If when we enter outfitting, we see a player with a ship that does not match what the webserver says they should have, kick them back to the main menu, absolutely do not allow them to continue playing
- While in a wing if you use end a direct voice chat with someone it does not put you back in to wing chat fixed
- We should not be able to eject all cargo if the cargo hatch is off
- Shrunk the galaxy map icons and consolidated the friend and wing ones if they happen to be the same. Also, filled the info panel with the relevant key data (and fixed the text truncation)
- AUDIO - fix for silent huge hardpoint lifts
- flipped cameras to look at correct decal for Fer-de-Lance hanger camera
- Extend debug camera max distance by 5m
- Fix headlook not working with CentreOnHeadlookInactive and the headlook control set to Hold
- Make it obvious that players should fiddle with "MouseHeadlookSensitivity" instead of "HeadlookSensitivity", because they're independent of each other
- Audio: Don't play the main menu music when we're not in the main menu
- Set the mass of the point defense turret
- Fix the shield regeneration effect

Beta 4 Change Log:

- Avoid a crash if we start the Photo camera in a state where there's no ship available
- Fix crash in cartographics store
- Take the local players matchmaking state into account when deciding if another player is reachable and can be invited to a wing. This should cover the error case when the local player was in a private group and the remote player was open
- Don't show any wing invite GUI if there is a pending invite, but the player is no longer reachable
- Halved the drop out time that nav-locked wingmen will drop out of super cruise at - fix the extreme distances that can be covered by the system currently
- Make sure destroyable capital ship modules trigger hostility if they're shot
- Fix for player being attacked for no reason by NPC when the NPC is scanning the player and is shot by another ship
- Missing Heart Nebula in skybox when viewed from "IC 1848 Sector TD-C B28-1" fixed
- Disable cargo marking until the player has some way of un-marking it
- Add additional information to the Outfitting Item Info panels for ECMs and defence modifier modules
- CrimeScanner system was forgetting things on authority transfers, leading to missing bounties
- Arjung System, Fallows Ring outpost (anarchy) - orbiting wrong planet fixed
- Discovery scanners must be on (Powered and not broken) to be able to scan anything
- Fix a bug making the Type9's left engine invulnerable
- Mineral/Metal percentages missing from fragments fixed
- Heat Sink Launcher can have weapon type symbol attached to it fixed
- Leaving a Wing now clears your received invites. This is to stop you receiving an invite, quitting to menu then starting a solo game where your invite might still be there
- Capital ship guns should no longer think they're shooting themselves when they're not
- Fix shield flares not showing properly when player ships are shot
- A number of ships that land on Medium sized landing pads have an issue with the Comms panel aligning directly with the floodlights of the landing pad, making it hard to read. Have raised the flood lights for each medium pad upwards which fixes the issue
- Slight reduction in ambient AI numbers in super cruise, to take into account escorts now appearing
- Added the beacon option to the comms wing options
- TAB to cycle through the text chat targets doesn't always work fixed
- The comms panel voice indicator now also indicates your current mute state
- Comms text input auto-focusing is confusing for keyboard+mouse players - Can now use the normal "select" ui input to focus the text entry field (previously this would not register the first time, you had to use the quick comms input)
- Fix missing cockpit in Vulture LOD
- Extract name of bodies discovered from sell web requests as they have access to the data, to avoid requesting system keys from the server for each body you discover
- Add an 'official' binding to centre the mouse widget, which players were using MouseHeadlook for
- Wing nav lock auto beacon drop and target wing member now auto targets a beacon where possible
- If using an accumulating throttle, reset the throttle value on activating/deactivating the debug camera to avoid the throttle changes spilling over into gameplay afterwards
- Unable to have a third person in voice comms - logging and speculative fix added
- Make sure if another ship dies, falls out or does something weird in supercruise that we do not reset out current location to normal flight! This is a possible fix for engine sounds completely stopping when people have been playing with wings
- Economy type colours now align with commodity colours, and the faction colours align with the branding we use for them in the galaxy map
- Bring back mouse headlook resetting the mouse flight widget
- Interdiction sounds persisted after evading interdiction fixed
- Add 'arrival point' line to station pop-up on system map, giving distance (in light-seconds) from the largest star in the system
- Pandamonium system in empire spelled wrong fixed
- Change backer station name
- Fix missing string assignments in outfitting for French, German and Russian

Update 1.2.00 Change Log:

- Fix a crash in the protoplanetary disk creation
- Fix error with capital ship when jumping into Sol
- Fixed issue where users could not use keyboard or gamepad to navigate to the drone purchase row
- Fix to not only spawn pirates in ambient traffic in anarchy systems
- Fix timings of the heat warning messages and alerts
- Rebalance of all the empire capital ship modules health values
- Crimson Eagle Paint Job had no visual icon added
- Fix for shiny material behind cargo-scoop panel in Fer-de-Lance
- Add missing string for dumping dangerous cargo
- Made the Vultures shield smaller to fit the ship better
- Add some missing mission strings
- Stop a secondary issue for players dropping out inside stellar bodies
- Renamed duplicated star name 'Lauma' to 'Deive'
- Mouse headlook in station isn't working properly fixed
- Fix audio on Asp engines
- Stop AI spamming mines
- Add power draw, range information to the outfitting item infos for the detailed surface scanner and discovery scanner respectively
- New binding: Wingman Nav-Lock
- Reduced affect of reputation on the interdiction percentage chances, it hadn't been balanced after the changed to the base interdiction amounts
- Fixed hardpoint doors on the Adder so that they open and close independently of each other
- Fixed the hardpoint doors on the Fer-De-Lance so that they can open independently of each other
- Changed how the bespoke colour mappings work so that both the scaleform GUI and the star field render receive the same colours in the same order
- Removed redundant data about power consumption from modules that don't need it to prevent outfitting getting the wrong idea about power requirements
- Fix for spamming error message when slave jump fails
- Fix errors in Coffee and Painite descriptions

Server Changes:

- Added some benefits to stations in systems that need a permit to travel
- Fix the laws being applied when NPCs scan ships
- Changed fines issued for being caught carrying stolen and / or illegal commodities to be a proportion of the cargo's worth
- Increased prices offered for selling stolen commodities at a black market
- Rare goods now remember how far they've travelled from home when scooped from space
- Reputation can now change when NPC ships are destroyed in Anarchies
- Trade dividend vouchers are now awarded to Wing members in the same starsystem, but not necessarily docked at the same station as the Commander selling commodities
- Allow stolen Limpets to be sold
- Redeeming combat bonds now affects the influence of the faction awarding the bond
- Improved import/export data shown on System Map
- Minor performance improvements on selling exploration data
- Minor factions with < 5% influence can no longer start conflicts
- Minor factions with >= 70% influence but do not control the system, automatically trigger a conflict with the controlling minor faction
- Friends list updates improvements
- Various improvements and fixes when showing and selling pages of exploration data
- Various improvements and fixes to Community Goal progression
- Fixed some incorrect data on some space stations' import/export lists
- Fixed the Top 5 Bounties list
- Added a small amount of demand for all illegal goods in black markets. The best prices are still available at markets with strong demand, but anything illegal in modest quantities should now be worth smuggling
- Fix a crash when selling a exploration data for a single starsystem
- Improve distribution of influence from certain mission types so that that influence is applied in the system where the mission was given
The biggest patch yet.
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Re: Elite: Dangerous - Change Logs

Post by XMadMarkX » Mon Apr 13, 2015 2:57 pm

Wings Update 1.2.01/1.2.02 Incoming

Hi everyone,

update 1.2.01 for Wings has been released and contains the following changes:

- Fix crash in ship engine system
- Add additional help to respawn players within the same instance as their wing
- Fix a cause of missing docking GUI
- Make sure that detailed surface scanners are displayed in the right module panel
- Reduce number of spawned AI in supercruise
- Fix FSD clouds never dying in Supercruise
- Fixes for broken Asp audio
- Flatten fuel cost to be the same for all ships
- Added default keybinding for nav lock (key_minus)
- Changed references of pause menu to game menu to try and prevent confusion that the game isn't actually paused
- Tweaks to some outfitting descriptions
- Commodity typo fixes

Server Changes:

- Reduced faction influence awarded when redeeming combat bonds
- Fixed a bug that was preventing some Commanders from loading into the game
- Minor performance optimisations

EDIT: Update 1.2.02 is incoming and will be live at 17:45 GMT. It contains a single change to fix the crash introduced in 1.2.01


An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it.
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Re: Elite: Dangerous - Change Logs

Post by XMadMarkX » Mon Apr 13, 2015 2:58 pm

Wings Update 1.2.03 Incoming

Hi everyone,

Update 1.2.03 is due to go live at 4.45pm - expect up to 30 minutes of server downtime to allow us to apply the update.

See the full list of changes below:

- Fix crash in Hyperdrive, usually encountered when navlocked onto wingmen
- Fix for low level GUI crash loading into game
- Increased earnings from bounties
- Increased earnings from combat bonds
- Increased earnings from selling exploration data
- Refineries show up on the internal panel again and can be turned on/off
- Added shortcut key binding to open system map
- Fix issue stopping shield generators being repairable if fitted in some slots
- Fix issues with Fer-de-Lance scooping
- Stop toxic cargo damaging modules you cannot repair such as radiators or the cockpit, power plant is still corroded though!
- Fixed incorrect reference to mouse axes for headlook controls
- Fixed the onionhead paint job
- Freelook Y-axis disabled when Starport Services tab opens fixed
- Surface scanners also have a range, and should therefore have a range field in Outfitting Item Info
- Should now be able to switch back to Starport services menu if you check the comms panel whilst docked

Server side Changes:

- Decreased purchase costs of Vulture, FerDeLance and Federal Dropship
- Credited all Commanders who currently own a Vulture, FerDeLance or Dropship with the difference in prices for the ships and armour.
- Increased sale prices of exploration data
- Jameson Memorial in Shinrarta Dezhra now always stocks all ships and modules
- We always recommend Commanders carry enough credits to cover insurance costs, but if the worst does happen, maximum available debt levels have been increased to 600,000 credits. Fly safe, Commanders.

Edit: Hotfix applied to server to prevent crash with onionhead paint job applied.
An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it.
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Re: Elite: Dangerous - Change Logs

Post by XMadMarkX » Mon Apr 13, 2015 3:00 pm

Wings Update 1.2.04 Incoming

Hi everyone,

Another quick update for you before the weekend. The servers will be down from 4PM for around 30 minutes, but allow some extra time just in case.

See the change log below:

• Fixed the stellar forge data for Te Kaha
• Moved the 'Stepping Stone Base' out from the gas giant in HIP 8396
• Fixed some issues with head-tracking, causing the camera to clip through cockpits
• Added telemetry to help identify causes of unexpected docking offences

And a server-side update:

• Claiming a bounty or combat bond for a faction should now affect Commanders' reputation
• Reduce faction influence changes from trading activities

Thanks everyone,

An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it.
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Re: Elite: Dangerous - Change Logs

Post by XMadMarkX » Mon Apr 13, 2015 3:01 pm

Wings Update 1.2.05 Incoming

Hi everyone,

The Galaxy servers will be down from 2PM GMT for up to 30 minutes to allow us to update to Elite: Dangerous 1.2.05. See the full list of changes below:

- Fix crash when sending a wing invite
- Fix issue with starports being too far in deep space from their parent body
- Increase hardware detection timeout to prevent crash on start
- Fix stability issue when cancelling a wing invite
- Fix for crash in physics system for ship hulls
- Smaller ships now better at smuggling - Decrease chance for being scanned if you are in a low conspicuous rated ship – such as a Sidewinder
- Target leads for projectile weapons missing in any other firegroup than 1 fixed
- System Map now opens on correct star system
- Fixed keyboard problem on Report Player Screen
- Fix star visuals
- Fix timeout issue with some wing invites not arriving
- Added Pratchett's Disc starport
- Network fix to make sure that a disconnected machine is also released
- When listing modules - No longer show power priority on unpowered modules and make sure we show that priority for newly-bought module correctly
- Fix broken Russian text for dormant bounties
- Fix enabling wing beacon enabling voice comms as well
- Fixed: the Onion Head paint job had no icon in the outfitting menu
- Fix some errors in commodity descriptions

Server side changelog

- Fix friends location incorrectly showing 'Main Menu' when in a private group
- Fix data not propagating to wing members when scanning a body without a detailed surface scanner
- Fix a disconnect when entering outfitting screen

Edit (next day additions):

- Fix for Commanders unable to claim rewards from completed Community Goals because the goals were not being displayed at the Station's bulletin board
- Fix for incorrect reward ranks for completed Community Goals
Thanks again.
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Re: Elite: Dangerous - Change Logs

Post by XMadMarkX » Mon Apr 13, 2015 3:02 pm

Wings Update 1.2.06 Incoming

Hi everyone,

The Galaxy servers will be down from 3PM GMT for up to 30 minutes to allow us to update to Elite: Dangerous 1.2.06. See the full list of changes below:

Client Changes:

- Stability fixes for wing invites in cases where invites get through but only exist for a second
- Stability fix for low level thread deadlock
- Crash fix and better error handling for TrackIR
- Fix crash caused by trying to get a system address from a name before it was ready
- Fixed all the inconsistent canopy health values
- Fix for ship internals no longer listed
- Move JEPOCHAL-G OUTPOST away from planet so it can be reached
- Move Castellan Station away from Lave 2 to prevent people not being able to supercruise away
- Fix erroneous (empty) messages about combat bonds
- Put in a clamp to eccentricity in the constructors of orbits
- Fix for auto generated news malformed string
- Fix typos in Leestian Evil Juice description

Server Changes:

- Unblock the queue of minor faction influence changes from missions ending in certain star systems
- Allow exploration data to be listed and sold for certain commanders
- Automated the start and end of faction states of war and election
- Minor factions in a conflict can only take influence from other factions in the same conflict
- Fix to allow Commanders to remove old Albino Mammoths from their cargo holds
- Fix to allow Commanders to reject invitations to join other Commanders' private groups
- Stock the last few remaining ships and modules at Jameson Memorial
- Clear out ships' refinery buckets when removing a refinery module

Edit: 02.04.2015 - Hot fix applied to ensure that conflicts are resolved correctly.

Thanks guys!

An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it.
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Re: Elite: Dangerous - Change Logs

Post by XMadMarkX » Mon Apr 13, 2015 3:03 pm

Wings Update 1.2.07 Incoming

The galaxy servers will be down for 30 minutes from 11.30 am BST to allow us to update to Elite: Dangerous 1.2.07.

See the full list of changes below:

- Added vibrant paint jobs for all ships except Anaconda (available for purchase from the store soon)
- Crash fix for star system generation
- Fix for crash in TrackIR caused by the disconnect function incorrectly handling the case when the TrackIR is in an error state. Also applied the same fix to FreeTrack
- Adjusted terraforming meta data to prevent server error
- When getting close to a capital ship while neutral, it will warn you at ~1KM away and then turn hostile at a few hundred metres
- Treat capital ships like players for assigning kills
- Don’t allow NPCs to kill steal by them hitting the powerplant
- Prevent docking after the police 'notice' that a player is wanted. This is the same reaction with committing a violent crime near the station.
- Network fix to catch some messages delivery bugs
- Fix a case where a ship with damage regions and no shields could try to save a game before its defense data has been initialised, resulting in showing in the GUI as a ship that's unrepairable at 0% health
- Adfjusted Type 7 and Viper collision mesh to make them a bit harder to get stuck in the starport entrance cage
- Various text fixes

Server-side Changes:

- Decriminalise Limpets
- When changing station ownership after a conflict, always treat system controlling stations as more valuable than anything else
- Fix Commander Stats for selling level 2 and level 3 survey scans
- Various performance and reliability improvements

Thanks everyone.

An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it.
(Mahatma Gandhi)

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