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Post by XMadMarkX » Sat Jan 10, 2015 3:17 am

The Light In The Dark Guild Rules:
1) Do not treat anyone in a way that you yourself would not wish to be treated!
2) No using the Guild-Bank as your personal money and supplies facility. (the Guild-Bank is there to benefit all guild members)
3) Guild bank funds are for your use when NECESSARY. (eg: when you need to heal yourself but don't have the funds to do it.)

Guild Bank Use:
Use the guild bank as you need to, however as an eg; if your characters health is 3000 please take the healing potion that's 1500-3500 not the 11000-15000.
The above example should also be kept in mind when dealing with Mana as well.

The Light In The Dark Guild hopes:
It is hoped you will contribute to the Guild-Bank with both funds and items, however it is not something this guild will force you to do.
You may notice that different ranks within the Guild have different levels of access to the Guild-Bank but all from Member up have access at some level.
Some ranks are achievable just through the use of the Guild-Bank. (eg: regular donations to the Guild-Bank is one way.)
For ranks below Member the fast road to becoming a Member is to join a fellow TLITD in a party and together do some of these things; close 14 rifts or WIN 4 Warfronts or complete 8 Quests!
Don't forget to post about it in the forum and mention the member you played with.

The Light In The Dark Guild :
We're a casual Guild but that doesn't mean not active.
If you require help with anything in Rift just ask and if someone can help you they will, just remember you need to ask or nobody knows you need help.

PS... If you need help outside of the game Rift; ask and if somebody here can help we will.

Now that you've read that, come and join us in the Guild-Bar!
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