TeamSpeak 3 Address Information & Links

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TeamSpeak 3 Address Information & Links

Post by XMadMarkX » Mon Aug 31, 2015 11:36 pm

To all members and guests;
Currently the BattleLeague Community, is using
TeamSpeak 3 as our communications service.

To join us online for Technical help, in-game Comms, for a laugh or just a chin wag, then jump in and say hello.

For best use of Teamspeak you should use a set of Headphones with a Microphone or Speakers & Microphone, it’s not mandatory.
You are able to text chat in Teamspeak to all thoughs in your channel or too an individual anywhere in Teamspeak.

TeamSpeak 3 software (Free download -

The BattleLeague Community TeamSpeak server address is:
or you can use this as well.

TEMPORARY: No temp info at the moment.

Current TS:

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