Code of Conduct - In Audio & Text or downloadable PDF

BattleLeagues Code of Conduct
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Code of Conduct - In Audio & Text or downloadable PDF

Post by XMadMarkX » Sat Oct 03, 2015 2:12 pm

[td][url=][size=150][color=#80BF40]Code of Conduct PDF Download[/color][/size][/url][/td][td]For those who don't like to read. [url=][size=150][color=#80BF40]Code of Conduct Full Audio[/color][/size][/url][/td]
Code of Conduct

We here at the BattleLeague Australian Gaming Community strive to be a friendly and welcoming gaming community where people are free to join our community without any major commitments.
Gaming clans are welcome to join the BattleLeague Community and we will accommodate your needs with both forums and Teamspeak requirements.
Because we are a Community and not a competitive clan the way you run your clan within the BattleLeague Code of Conduct is up to you.
Instead we try to focus our energy on creating a community based on a foundation of friendship and mutual respect. We welcome everybody regardless of their particular skill level in a game.
Please be aware that the BattleLeague Community has a minimum age limit of 17 years of age to become a member.


  • 01) All members upon joining BattleLeague will be expected to have read this Code of Conduct, members will be held to it regardless of .......whether you have read it or not, it is the responsibility of all members to read this Code of Conduct.
    02) All members will respect each other regardless of their age, gender, nationality, race, religious beliefs/creed, sexual orientation, or .......clan. Members and Guests will not engage in any behaviour that could be interpreted as offensive.
    03) No member shall engage in any activity that demeans BattleLeague or other members, clans, or communities. This includes but is .......not limited to insults typed in any chat system, website forum or voiced in any verbal voice media and any other form of media.
    04) As we have an age minimum of 17 it is a mandatory requirement when joining the BattleLeague Australian Gaming Community that enter your age. Failure to do so will result in your membership being disabled, till you can provide proof of age. Providing a .......false age will result in removal of membership.
    05) Cheating, hacking or intentional glitching for advantage, including attempted cheating and hacking, is strictly prohibited. Violators .......will have their membership immediately removed. Encouraging members to cheat or use hacking tools is prohibited.
    06) Inappropriate or disruptive behaviour within teamspeak or on gaming servers will result in disciplinary action or membership .......removal.
    07) All members will abide by the Eula of the gaming software you play and will also abide by all gaming server rules. Clan specific .......rules do NOT in any way over ride this Code of Conduct; Clan Overseers can add any game specific rules for their own Clan and add .......their own additions to the code of conduct to which their clan must follow. Any additional rules or code of conduct added for a .......specific clan have no power over other clans or members outside the clan making them.
    08) It is not permitted to join BattleLeague for the express purpose of spamming the forums with anything if you are not a .......participating member and gamer.
    09) Teamspeak; when in public channels offensive language must be kept to a minimum.
    10) Teamspeak; playing of music or other behaviour deemed disruptive must cease upon a members request.
    11) Teamspeak; private channels are for members only; it is acceptable to bring public into members channels however one public per .......member is the policy. VIP tagged Guests are exempted from the policy.
    12) Teamspeak; public wishing to use member channels on a regular basis must become members of the BattleLeague Community.
    13) Failure to comply with Teamspeak Code of Conduct may result in teamspeak access being revoked.
.........BattleLeague Australian Gaming Community reserves the right to change the Code of Conduct at any time without notification; it is the .........responsibility of all members to keep up to date with current Code of Conduct.