The Division - New York Collapse - Mystery

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The Division - New York Collapse - Mystery

Post by KABLE » Fri Feb 26, 2016 2:51 pm

Ubisoft starts to tease the deeper mystery at the heart of The Division

[by David Hollingworth - HYPER]

And it all starts with a book - a real, you can buy it soon, book.

It appears there's going to be a lot more to Tom Clancy's The Division than just running around New York and shooting rogue agents in the face - there's a deeper mystery to unravel.

Part of that mystery revolves around how New York got to be a virus-ridden no-go zone, and in the latest trailer for the game, Ubisoft's starting to hint at the depth of that mystery. In a move that could annoy some gamers, it looks like you'll need more than just the game to sort it all out.

You'll need a book, too - an in-world book called New York Collapse, written before New York's fall, and containing all kinds of hints, tips, and secrets.

The subheading of the book - which will be available on the day of the game's release - promises 'an interactive adventure' complete with 'removable artefacts'. The book will lead you through the city on the trail of a woman who's also seeking to understand what happened.
Personally, it sounds like a really neat tie-in to the game, well beyond the usual lame novelisation. In fact, it's almost a return to classic adventure games of yore, where maps, guides, and all kinds of physical extras helped bring worlds alive. Of course, it costs extra, but it certainly has us even more intrigued to dive into the game now.
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