How many WATT PSU should i have?

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How many WATT PSU should i have?

Post by KABLE » Fri Feb 17, 2017 11:53 am

Every wondered truly what size PSU (Power Supply Unit) you should have to prevent issues with your PC?
I have....

I have known in the past that lag can be caused by an inefficient or under-powered PSU. In the past when i upgraded my graphics card, mobo and processor...i did not upgrade the actual PSU. i was experiencing tremendous lag and had a Telstra tech test all the connections. the PC should have run the BF3 (that long ago) on full whack with spare grunt to boot...but alas i was getting rubber banding and connection drop outs.

I decided to run a fully diagnostic by swapping parts out and seeing if there was any conflicts or issues....nothing!!
I then went to the good ol' google and alas i found a possible solution. I had an old 700W PSU that was getting a bit long in the tooth.
I replaced it with a new CoolerMaster 650W (was all i could afford at the time) and voila in was producing consistent power and i was at last running the game full setting and lag free.

Many people dont realise that if your graphics card is not drawing the right amount of power, then it renders slower or spikes and this is actually causing the lag not the internet connection.

i have found a useful calculator that will help to determine what the minimum power supply should be for your set up.
I just tested it out and i need to beef up my current supply by an extra 100W

tool HERE
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Re: How many WATT PSU should i have?

Post by Guest » Sun May 07, 2017 11:38 am

Here is more accurate power supply calculator

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